Put your 360° virtual tour photos on Facebook

When we create a Google Street View tour, apart from getting the benefits of being on Google Maps, you’ll also get something that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Facebook page.

Your virtual tour is made up of a number of 360 degree photo spheres which you can post to Facebook. A lot of our clients have seen fantastic results with engagement and reach with these posts. For instance, over 10 times as many likes, ?s and ❤️s on Facebook as their other posts. This image was  loved so much, that 16 people shared it and it ended up reaching (being seen by) 3,684 people:

16 shares and 3,684 people reached with this Facebook post
The reach and share of our 360 photos on Facebook has been phenomenal


When this one was shared on their page, they got 120 likes and reactions, and 18 comments:

This post got 120 reactions and 18 comments
120 reactions and 18 comments – that’s 10 times the usual engagement!

Subsequent posts got double the usual number of likes, showing that our Google Street View tour has driven more traffic to their page. One client even said in a review that “It has added traffic to our on-line sites and clients through our doors!!

So with the virtual tour, you’ll be on Google Maps and Street View, you can embed the tour on your website and Facebook page, as well as share a 360° photo which can go viral. Where else could you pay for a marketing service and be able to take advantage of it in so many ways? Contact us today to make a booking for the best marketing decision you’ve ever made.

PLEASE NOTE: Examples and figures on this page are genuine, but results may vary from business to business.

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