About us

Google Street View trusted photographer Ric Tan on Mt Coolum
Ric Tan – Google-Trusted Photographer, Web Designer and Developer – doing two of the things he loves: climbing Mount Coolum and taking photos

DigitalEyes is led by Ric Tan, a photographer of over 20 years and an IT professional for almost as long. Ric got his first SLR for his 21st birthday back in 1994. It was a Canon EOS 35mm film camera. He used it to take black and white photos that he learnt to develop in a dark room. A year later, he discovered Photoshop and he hasn’t looked back since.

Photography and IT are closely related. It’s all about information and how you convey your message. In addition to  SEO, social media and website analytics, a virtual tour of your business will get you far ahead of where you are. It’s a quick and easy win. We know, because we’ve worked in complimentary services such as web design and social media marketing. A virtual tour will give you the most bang for your buck. It’s been shown that you are twice as likely to get interest from customers if you have photos and a virtual tour on your Google business listing than if you didn’t. That’s why we became Google Street View photographers.google-trusted-photographer-certified

In addition to virtual tours, we use 360° photo and video technology to bring immersive experiences of your events to your customers, family and friends. Take a look at some of the events we’ve covered like weddings, concerts, sports and gala days.

DigitalEyes is a local Sunny Coast business based in Coolum Beach, but we service the whole of the Sunshine Coast. Give us a shout to find out how we can make your business sparkle!

You can email us or use our contact form (our phones are often turned off while we’re making virtual tours).